The Daily Reading Program

Have you ever read the whole Bible? Found it difficult to simply sit down and read it? The daily reading program is designed to encourage you to delve deeper into God’s word. To not just read, but to meditate on scripture, learning more of who God is and his great salvation plan. Each day there will be an Old Testament passage, a New Testament passage and on alternate days a Psalm or Proverb. If you prefer to read larger passages, we have designed the program so you can also read in weekly sections.

To gain access to thoughts and questions from the Reading Program, you can click the following links:

Daily Reading Booklet

This year we are excited to launch the daily reading booklet. A small A6 booklet that can easily slip into your Bible. With a simple layout, you will find this yearly program easy to follow.

At only £1.50 plus shipping per booklet, we have made it affordable for your Bible Study group, Small Groups and even your whole church to join in. You can begin the program at any time and in exactly one year you will have read the whole of the Bible!

If you would like to support this ministry and help us provide more Bible Teaching materials you can also DONATE to Desire Truth Ministries!

Daily Reading Booklet
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