Ferguson Family

Miriam and I have been married for 10 years, have three wonderful daughters and to add to the mayhem at home, a dog! We currently live in Lincoln and I (Ross) serve as Pastor to Lincoln Baptist Church. On our days off you can find us walking the dog, heading for ice-cream or going to a soft play with the desperate hope of running some energy off :)

As Pastor of Lincoln Baptist Church, I am responsible for the Teaching ministry, meaning I am consistently preaching through God’s word and encouraging Christians to grow in their faith in Jesus.

Below is a short Testimony (how we became Christians)

Testimony – Ross

I did not grow up in a Christian home, far from it. After many years serving in the RAF and the Police, my father had become an alcoholic. I grew up with either my father drunk or seriously ill from the effects of substance abuse. By the time I was six, my father had suffered 2 serious heart attacks and had been given just months to live. At this point, God changed my father’s life and our family’s lives forever. After being invited to attend Carrubbers Christian Centre, my father learnt that he was loved, and he needed to repent and seek forgiveness from Christ. He became a Christian, stopped drinking and dedicated to serve Jesus and love his family.

At the age of 8, although I didn’t fully understand what it meant to be a Christian, I knew that for something to change the way my father lived, it had to be special. I started asking questions “How could Jesus love my father? How could such a horrible man become so loving?” One day I heard the Gospel at Sunday school and went home asking my father to explain what it meant to be forgiven. That day, with my father by my side I realised that I was a sinner, who was loved by Jesus, who needed to repent and seek forgiveness. I became a Christian, surrendering my life to Jesus.

Life wasn’t perfect after I became a Christian. As a family we spent 3 years in Northern Ireland where my father served with the Open-Air Mission. One day, my father’s past alcoholism took its toll on his life, with a fatal fourth heart attack. He past-away in 2003, when I was 13. I struggled with anger, why did God take my father? I struggled with sadness and loneliness. I also suffered from ill health, with depression and a severe neck injury. However, throughout this time, Jesus never failed. He continued to love me, I continued to be comforted by him and my faith in Christ continued to strengthen. Knowing this reality, I was baptised in 2004 – declaring my faith in my Lord Jesus Christ.

Testimony - Miriam

I grew up in a Christian house and attended church and Sunday school every week. I believed from a young age but living a life for Christ didn’t become real to me until I started attending scripture union camps as a child and Clan Gatherings as a teenager. The teaching I received inspired me to do leadership development training to be a group leader at residential camps and the scripture union club at school.

My faith developed further when I went to university in Edinburgh to study nursing. During this time, I attended Carrubbers Christian Centre, my knowledge increased by the teaching I was given there, and I was challenged to be baptised and make a public declaration of faith in front of friends and family.

After completing my training, I worked with stroke patients before moving to London to care for patients who needed renal dialysis. When we returned to Edinburgh I was able to secure a position at the Marie Curie Hospice where I was able to care for patients in their final days. More recently I have been learning how to combine my faith with being a mum of three little girls. I love all the opportunities having children gives you to share the gospel.